Alesco’s P&C Insurance team has particular expertise where our clients operate in high risk territories or hazardous industries, are exposed to extreme catastrophic perils or have challenging loss histories.

We offer program design, placement and servicing for global portfolios or single assets across a broad range of industries, specializing in sectors from food processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, through to mining, heavy industry and engineering, rail, retail, public sector, real estate and hospitality.

With over 30 specialists, offering more than 25 different classes of business, backed by 300 years’ combined personal experience in property insurance, our team is one of the largest in London.

We operate right at the heart of the Lloyd’s and London insurance market, with fast, easy access to other key international insurance markets and specialist underwriting capabilities in over 70 countries — including Europe, Bermuda and Singapore.




Our P&C Insurance team has particular expertise where clients are exposed to extreme catastrophic perils and challenging loss histories. In addition, we offer design, placement and servicing for global portfolios or single assets across a wide range of sectors, from food processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals through to transport, logistics and real estate.

With access to the London market and a dedicated team of property insurance specialists, we are able to source suitable property coverage for our clients, where otherwise they may struggle to find capacity for the types of insurance required or premiums that are at an acceptable level.

Our Capabilities:

• Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

• Business Interruption

• Clash Coverages

• Difference in Conditions (DIC)

• General Liability/Third-Party Liability/Excess Liabilities

• M&A and Transactional Risks

• Natural Catastrophe Cover

• Operational All-Risks

• Portfolio Protection

• Primary CGL and Products Liability

• Product Recall/Guarantee

• Property Damage/Physical Damage

• Punitive Damages

• War, Terrorism and Political Risks

• Weather Derivatives

• Workers' Compensation


Dan York

Managing Partner | Property

+44 7500 161710


Luke Bodkin

Managing Partner | Property

+44 7855 053944

| Email

Due to the often long tail nature of casualty losses and liability risks, it can be difficult to ascertain what level of insurance cover is needed. That’s where specialist casualty brokers can help you identify your risk exposures and help optimize your insurance program.

With increasing pressure being placed on organizations to improve the management of their casualty-related risks and losses, the need for specialist expertise and underwriting is important.

We offer tailored insurance programs based on the individual requirements of our clients. Our globally connected, experienced team evaluates client risks and provides liability solutions across a variety of sectors—we have the knowledge and understanding of the risks faced to broker the deal for our clients.

By accessing the major global insurance hubs, we can design and place even the most complex programs at a competitive price, regardless of your organization’s size, industry sector or location.

Our Capabilities:

• Public and Products Liability

• Employers Liability

• Pollution Liability

• Environmental Impairment Liability (Gradual Pollution) - Premises and Contractors

• Product Recall

• Medical Malpractice


Tom Payne

Managing Director | Casualty

+44 7887 791431



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