Midstream Energy Market Update Q1 2024

Investment in midstream infrastructure continues to rise alongside oil and gas production.

The global midstream energy market is experiencing significant growth and investment driven by the expansion of unconventional oil and gas production, the globalisation of energy markets, and the transition to cleaner energy sources. Investments are not confined to specific regions, with key activities in the US, Canada, Australia, Qatar, and South/Central America. The market dynamics in 2023, including the reversal of ownership patterns in the US and consolidation trends globally, showcase the adaptability and evolution of the midstream sector. As the industry continues to witness attractive standalone midstream business globally, particularly in growing regions, it remains a crucial component of the integrated energy landscape.


Matt Byatt

Head of Upstream | Energy, Power & Renewables

+44 7717 727080


Matt began his career at the JLT Group specialising in energy package programmes with a strong emphasis on North American business. After 14 years, Matt moved to Alesco with a significant development role in terms of new business, placing and implementation of complex programmes worldwide. Matt’s extensive international Upstream marketing and placement experience aligns with clients’ needs, and he will work closely with his broking colleagues and our servicing team, including claims when the situation arises.