Benefits of Alesco

Fullfilling Your Needs

Our Fine Art, Jewellery and Specie teams specialise in arranging tailored coverage for high value items that require particular care and protection.

We handle a range of valuables such as rare collections, jewellery, gold, diamonds and other precious metals and stones, cash, minting and currency.

We offer fine art, specie, jewellers block, and cash-in-transit covers across a range of industries and countries, with particular expertise in managing risks in emerging market territories.

Working across the general specie sector from mining through to processing, production, wholesaling and retailing, and in the fine art world from creation to sale, exhibition and restoration, you can rest assured that our solutions protect the most valuable assets at each stage of their life.

Tailored Programmes

Rather than providing off the shelf products, our team takes an entrepreneurial approach to finding the right insurance solutions for our clients.

Coverage is available on an All Risks of Physical loss or damage basis with the usual market Exclusions and is prepared on a bespoke basis. Our team has broad experience across the market and handles clients’ risks globally, providing:

  • Cover for cheque cashiers, foreign exchange desks and pawnbrokers
  • Cover for collections (antiques, art, books, classic cars, coins, jewellery, musical instruments, stamps, watches, wine or other collections of value)
  • Cover for museums, galleries, exhibitions, dealers and collectors
  • General specie insurance (bank storage, bullion, gold, diamonds, other precious metals and stones)
  • Jewellers’ Block insurance (for miners, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and collectors).


Our team handles a global portfolio across all aspects of the Fine Art, Jewellers Block and General Specie industry.

Our team’s extensive experience, long-standing relationships within the insurance market and specialist knowledge of the sector means we are able to provide competitive rates and bespoke solutions with a number of other advantages.

  • Lloyd’s and the London market currently have in excess of USD $2bn of available capacity for Specie Business with our team trading with all the major syndicates involved.
  • We handle some of the largest risks in the market, work with some of the most well-known galleries and museums globally and have the largest book of business for Jewellers' Block in the market.
  • A team of over 20 enabling efficient processing and coverage solutions.
  • Access to an excellent in-house claims team supported by the broking team.