Posted in News on 10 Jul 2019

We are proud to launch a brand new MPL product for the US market.

David Doe at Alesco DA, has developed a market leading product through our Special Situations division. This product will provide clients with limits up to USD2m cover for US domiciled Professional Liability risks including Underwater welders, Crane Inspectors, Rocket Fuel consultants and Explosive Consultants, among others.

With minimum premiums to USD1,000, 100% Lloyd’s capacity and worldwide coverage this product provides clients with the vital protection they need against potential legal action by clients and other third parties.

Special Situations offers Miscellaneous Professional Liability coverage to more challenging risks that do not fit into the regular MPL market. We call it our ‘mission impossible’ underwriting facility because it’s designed with difficult and hard to place professional liability business in mind.

Download the four information sheets above for further information.


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