Benefits of Alesco

Fulfilling Your Needs

We are one of the leading delegated authority brokers. Our team of specialists are recognised as industry leaders in their field, placing contracts and developing them for the mutual benefit of agent and market. Our role is not simply to place capacity contracts, it is to manage them, analyse them and optimise them. We have a proven track record of delivering market leading results and enhancing our customers business, through improved capacity arrangements, diversification of product and delivery of digital technology solutions.

By connecting our clients with underwriters in Lloyd’s, specialty and alternative markets, we have built a portfolio which now comprises approximately 300 delegated authority contracts for over 125 agents around the world.  On behalf of our clients, we manage gross premiums in excess of $1bn.  Everything we do is designed to deliver better products, services and solutions to our clients, ultimately generating enhanced earnings and contract longevity. 

We represent MGA’s, coverholders and specialist brokers from over 30 countries around the world.    Some have been operating their capacity arrangements for over 25 years, but we also assist many MGA’s in starting up, where we can offer assistance from concept to operation by providing advice on providers of regulatory permissions (i.e. ‘incubators’ and ‘accelerators’), direct regulatory authorisation, sources of working capital funding and systems providers.

Tailored Programmes

We help to design, deliver and manage binding authority contracts for many classes of business across numerous territories, delivering delegation of underwriting authority and claims handling, where appropriate, from the insurer to the coverholder.

We have strong technical product and territorial expertise. Products that we handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Property, including personal and commercial/industrial and including catastrophe perils.
  • Catastrophe only / Difference in Conditions for Earthquake, Wind and Flood.
  • Lender fulfilled products and products for affinity groups, including financial institutions.
  • Commercial Combined for specialist trades.
  • Liability and Casualty, including specialist liability products
  • Mortgage Impairment & Forced Placed
  • Motor and auto products, both personal and commercial.
  • Accident & Health, Life and Travel
  • Professional Liability and Professional Indemnity

We also have exclusive in-house facilities that can be accessed by any of our customers. These are on a referral basis, but can in some cases also be directly delivered through a digital quote/bind/bill portal.For further information on digital product delivery please speak to Gemma Ritchie, Operations Director.

  • Terrorism
  • Casualty
  • Non-damage BI
  • D&O
  • Cyber
  • PI
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Mortgage Impairment
  • Flood
  • Professional Liability


We differentiate ourselves by adding tangible value to our customers business. We do this by delivering innovative capacity markets and structures, offering in-depth analytical insight and developing products. We remain engaged throughout and pride ourselves on helping our customers to succeed.

The benefits we can offer you:

  • Our specialist team are experienced with and deal in many markets, giving greater options for capacity partners. 
  • We have highly regarded data management systems and analytical tools, which are used to both monitor portfolio performance and optimise sales.
  • Our specialist delegated underwriting management team ensure that the contractual responsibilities and obligations are clear, managed and delivered.   
  • We have a dedicated claims service which has a track record of performing when it matters most – when your clients need claims paid.