Benefits of Alesco

Fulfilling Your Needs

Our specialist M&A insurance team offers broad coverage, market influence, and deal experience spanning a range of industries and territories.

Our strong market position enables us to provide strategic insight on transactions whether working on the buyer or seller side, our experience from a range of perspectives means we can ensure that deals come to a successful conclusion for all parties involved.

Our team consists of qualified lawyers, brokers and insurance professionals, some of whom are amongst the most experienced brokers in the industry and have helped shape the warranty and indemnity insurance market to become what it is today.

Whilst providing competitive rates, our main focus is on enhancing the use of our M&A insurance products to do more than simply limit liability on a transaction, but to become a strategic tool that can benefit clients throughout the transaction and beyond.

Tailored Programmes

Our team of specialists has been at the heart of the rapidly developing M&A insurance market in recent years, enabling us to adapt our solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

We bring extensive experience and specialist knowledge gained from working on numerous cross-border transactions to each deal. By working with us, clients can access products with competitive pricing and enhanced coverage. We provide:

  • Warranty & Indemnity insurance
  • Tax policy negotiation and insurance
  • Legal Indemnity insurance
  • Find wind-up and private equity deal insurance
  • Advice on the strategic use of M&A insurance products
  • Policies to meet lenders requirements


Our M&A insurance products have a number of benefits as a strategic tool, regardless of the complexity of a transaction.We understand that by managing your risk, you're looking to build confidence and create certainty for your business.

By working with our Alesco team, clients can gain a number of benefits:

  • Our M&A insurance solutions can help ensure that a development, transaction or refinancing proceeds by providing comfort that there is financially stability in the event that a claimant comes forward and that policies will pay out.
  • Our team has worked on hundreds of transactions, ranging in value from low millions to the few billions.
  • We work on behalf of global real estate clients, helping them to remove roadblocks in transactions and enable deals to successfully complete.