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Fulfilling Your Needs

We apply financial, statistical and actuarial techniques to evaluate your risks and develop appropriate risk financing and insurance solutions to manage them.

Our risk consulting specialists are here to support clients who are looking for solutions beyond traditional insurance, and who need an independent considered opinion at every renewal. However we work closely with our placing teams and are in daily contact with the ever-shifting markets – a crucial differentiator from traditional consultancy-only approaches.

We are not limited to a single sector or discipline, instead we align our services with the requirements of our clients offering consultative support teamed with strategies to mitigate and transfer risk.

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Tailored Programmes

We offer solutions that go beyond the typical insurance offering, factoring-in the very latest market data and intelligence to ensure we are acting in your best interests.

  • Total-cost-of-risk analysis
  • Loss forecasting & programme design
  • Prism modelling software for Natural Catastrophe exposures
  • Actuarial consulting support
  • Financial analysis of risk tolerance
  • Captive and mutual advice including OIL support


The insurance market can be volatile, which is why you need to work with a risk adviser who can support your decision making.

By working with us you’ll benefit from our investment in research and development, resulting in:

  • Real-time analytics
  • The latest market data and intelligence, industry loss activity, risk financing developments and premium rating / market capacity analysis
  • Access to our strong broking teams who act in your best interests, seamlessly transitioning analytical proposals to source capacity from leading underwriters
  • Access to innovative technology and tools including our modelling software
  • That's why we work hard to bring you smart, innovative risk-management solutions, whether spread across traditional or non-traditional markets, or a mix of both.

Risk Consulting Specialists

Derek Thrumble | Managing Parner Alesco Risk Consulting

Derek Thrumble Partner | Risk Consulting

+44 (0)20 7204 8575

Ronan Barrett

Ronan Barrett Partner | Alesco Risk Consulting

+44 (0)20 7560 3084

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