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06 Mar 2019

US Builders' Risk Pushing the Boundaries of the London and International Markets

As the corporate world becomes increasingly unpredictable and litigious, a comprehensive risk management strategy is essential. To be truly effective, property insurance requirements are most comprehensively met by having the ability to quickly access London based expertise. Alesco has the specialist knowledge, expertise and access to some of the world’s leading insurance markets, both here in London and in global centres of insurance.

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06 Mar 2019

London Casualty State of the Market

2019 is already being seen as a year of further mergers and acquisitions within the insurance arena, of stricter risk selection by carriers and capacity withdrawal from certain classes, as seen with recent market departures and there will be some change in the structure of certain syndicate portfolios in response to performance review, with further oversight planned, however there is a strong belief this will benefit all clients who value their long-standing relationships with their London carrier partners.

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